Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana is a political committee supporting a 2020 constitutional ballot measure to legalize the medical use of marijuana. The amendment would establish the right of patients with serious health conditions to use medical cannabis as recommended by their physician. It also authorizes the creation of a regulated system for producers, testing laboratories, and dispensaries to enable safe access to medical cannabis products. 

Our campaign stands with the overwhelming majority of Nebraskans who support the right of families and doctors — not the government — to decide the best course of treatment for patients. It's time for Nebraska to join 33 other states in allowing medical cannabis. We are working every day until November 3, 2020 to educate our fellow Nebraskans about this issue, because the science is clear: medical cannabis use overseen by a licensed practitioner can provide tremendous relief for patients suffering from chronic pain and other serious health conditions. 

On July 2nd, our campaign submitted more than 182,000 signatures to the Nebraska Secretary of State in support of our petition. You can help by making a contribution and becoming a volunteer. Read more on our Frequently Asked Questions page

Committee co-chairs, state senators Anna Wishart and Adam Morfeld, submitting the official petition language to the Secretary of State in 2019.


Volunteer coordinator, David Swarts, demonstrating safety measures for petition circulating and #SocialDistanceSigning.



A volunteer petition circulator holding an event in Chester, Nebraska.



Mark Jensen, Fremont city council member, holds a signing event in his neighborhood.