Our volunteers and grassroots supporters are the backbone of our campaign. Thank you for being part of this effort to provide relief to patients and their families. Check out our helpful resources below. If you have questions or need more petition sheets, please get in touch with us by emailing info@nebraskamarijuana.org.



Make your voice heard: Publish a letter in your local newspaper!

  • Write a letter explaining why you support legalizing medical marijuana.
  • Keep it to to 150 words or fewer and check out our tips below!
  • Search on the newspaper's website to find an email address for the editorial staff.
  • Copy your letter into an email, include your name and address, and send! 

Tips for writing an effective letter

  • Tell a personal story and write in your own voice; authenticity is important!
  • The first two paragraphs should contain the most important information.
  • Keep it positive, and do not give the opposition the favor of repeating their misleading or false statements.
  • Want a second pair of eyes? Email your letter to us at info@nebraskamarijuana.org!