On May 22, the Lincoln Journal Star published an editorial in support of medical cannabis and chided Nebraska's state legislature for refusing to vote on a bill that would establish a tightly-regulated medical marijuana program. After referencing a recent study that found cannabis products can be helpful for indidividuals struggling with opioid addiction, the editorial board went on to write: 

"Nebraskans with ... chronic conditions deserve the freedom to, with their doctors, pursue the best course of action. If they deem medical cannabis the right option, so be it. These people’s liberty to choose this treatment under difficult circumstances has no effect on others."

The authors of the piece pointed out that the constitutional ballot measure to establish patients' rights to use medical marijuana is likely to be approved by voters in the 2020 election. By failing to take action, the editorial argued, legislators punted on an opportunity to create a narrower, more stringent law. 

Read the editorial here.