We've come a long way in 2019. With the help of hundreds of volunteers and supporters, we've built an effective campaign and team of coordinators that reaches voters all across the state!

For the New Year, we've got even bigger plans, and we want everyone to take part! Will you commit right now?

"Count me in! I will collect 20 signatures by Jan. 31!"

It's a big goal, but if 500 of us commit to collecting just one full petition sheet by the end of next month, that will give us a huge 10,000 signature boost!

Most of us can collect 20 signatures with just a little bit of work. We can ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and people involved in our churches or community groups. So if you don't have a petition sheet yet, email us at info@nebraskamarijuana.org!

We're ready to take our movement in Nebraska to the next level in 2020. Be part of it and help make a difference. Are you up for the challenge?