Nebraska Medical Marijuana Amendment Clears Signature Requirements for Ballot Qualification

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana was informed by the Secretary of State’s office that the campaign cleared both the 10% statewide voter signature requirement and the 5% voter signature requirement in 48 counties

LINCOLN, NE — Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana announced today that their signature drive succeeded in collecting enough signatures to put their constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana on the 2020 statewide ballot.

 The Nebraska Constitution requires petitioners to collect signatures from 10% of registered voters to qualify a constitutional amendment for the ballot. That threshold, as of July 2 when the campaign’s signatures were submitted, was 122,275. The campaign also needed to collect signatures from 5% of registered voters in at least 38 of Nebraska’s 93 counties. The signature drive was successful in meeting that requirement in 48 counties.

The ballot is not yet finalized, and the medical marijuana amendment awaits Secretary of State Bob Evnen’s certification.

Co-chair of the ballot committee, State Senator Anna Wishart, said, “We collected 123,000 signatures in one month — during a pandemic. We couldn’t have done that without the support of tens of thousands of Nebraskans across the state. This is overwhelming evidence that voters want medical marijuana on the ballot and legal for patients with serious and debilitating health conditions.”