COVID-19 UPDATE: As state officials have lifted restrictions, our campaign has resumed signature gathering while requiring all circulators to follow the safety guidelines described below. We are also closely monitoring COVID-19 Directed Health Measures issued by state and local leaders. We strongly encourage all volunteers to regularly check for updated guidelines from their local public health officials. Please do not put yourself or others at risk. 

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana
PO Box 57335
Lincoln, Nebraska 68505

Patients and families across the state are counting us. Be part of this important effort to reform our state's cruel marijuana laws and bring compassion to Nebraska. To become a volunteer, please follow these steps:

  • Click here to fill out our volunteer sign up form. 
  • Watch the two mandatory training videos below explaining how to properly and safely gather signatures.
  • You can also view and print a petition gathering training guide here to view and print.
  • If you're ready to volunteer and understand the guidelines, complete the Volunteer Agreement Form so we know you're ready!
  • If you want a flyer to attract attention or display at your signature gathering table, you can find one here!
  • If you're on Facebook, join one of our local volunteer groups

Mandatory safety guidelines for gathering signatures and preventing the spread of COVID-19:

Following state laws and properly filling a petition sheet: 

Print this sign to use at your table or signing location!